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      Used Cooking oils:

Eco Friendly Products

Used Cooking oils

are collected from restaurants, oil traders and the fishing industry, from which we only purchase the finest quality oils for refining into specialized nutrition rich products which enhance the energy in animal feed and as an additive in manufacturing putty, biodiesel and oleo chemical markets.
EFP distributes

vegetable oils

for industrial and technical use in the manufacturing of products including processed oils and fatty acids derivatives.

      Biodiesel plants:

Eco Friendly Products


plants are acquired through our international agents with supply agreements in place. These


plants have the capacity of converting 20 types of vegetable oil feedstock according to EN 14214 specifications.
There is a 99 percent conversion of oil to biodiesel. Equipment is pre-tested to ensure product quality guarantees.


Eco Friendly Products


for industrial and commercial use and back-up gensets suitable for usage in the local market are available. Our prices are very competitive and all our products are guaranteed assuring consumers of the highest quality gensets available.
Well know names such as Cummins, DeutZ, John Deere and Doosan. These brands are trusted around the world and their track records speak for themselves. Our installation staff are experienced in engineering and you can rest assured that the installation will be safe and functional.

      Lubricant Oil:

Eco Friendly Products


products are sourced from companies based in the Gulf and are SABS accredited and ISO compliant. We supply automotive lubricants from passenger vehicles to tractors, transmission oils, industrial oils, hydraulic fluids, commercial engine oils, automatic transmission fluids, greases and ancillary products.


Eco Friendly Products


owned by EFP include:
Spent grain (originally a South African Breweries by-product) –


certificate number ZA 2006 / 03322
Corn Steep Liquor (originally an African Products by-product - patent certificate number ZA 2006 / 03323
Natural Wax (originally a Hudson & Knight by-product) – patent certificate number ZA 2006 / 09045
Perlite (originally a vegetable oil refiners by-product) – patent certificate number ZA 2005 /09308
We are looking for business partners are/or investors with experience and knowledge (minimum 5 years) in the above mentioned patented products.

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